RFC 6197: Service List Boundary

Today RFC 6197 got published. This document defines the Service List Boundary as an extension for LoST (RFC 5222). LoST allows user to query for the Service List, but would not allow the server to indicate any additional information about the geographical region within which the returned list of services is considered valid.
In order to assist the client in not missing a change in available services when moving, the new Service List Boundary should be evaluated. Only when moving outside the boundary area, a new query has to be placed to the LoST infrastructure since the number of available services might have changed. This ensures that a client is always aweare of all service numbers (especially emergency dialstrings) for its current location.


Emergency Services Workshop 8!

It’s that time of the year again, when standards geeks get together to talk about how to make IP-based emergency calling work across the Internet.  The 8th Emergency Services Workshop will be held as part of EENA EU Emergency Services Workshop, in Budapest, Hungary, from 13-15 April 2010.  The ESW8 agenda will be the IP-focused track of the overal EENA workshop.  Hope to see you there!


The SIP Forum announced that SIPNOC will take place on April 25-27, 2011 in Washington, D. C. SIPNOC is an event for service providers and carriers discussing various SIP topics. One one the topics are emergency services.

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VoIP Emergency Calling – Foundations and Practice

was published on November 26, 2010! More information is available on this webpage!

Find the flyer here.

Do not call 911 from your cell phone?

Oakland, US, has an interesting recommendation regarding 911 from cell phones: Due to routing issues, it is recommended to call a different phone number:

Call (510) 777-3211, the emergency number for use with cell phones. As a reminder, DO NOT CALL 911 from a cell phone.


EENA Workshop 2011

The next EU emergency services workshop will take place from 13.-15. April 2011 in Budapest, Hungary. This event is organised by EENA, the European Emergency Number Association. More Information will be available at http://www.eena.org/view/en/112events/Workshops.html

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  • Zap! – SIP client with emergency calling extensions